Signed the SmartPDT® licence agreement with the NHS Tayside Health Board (UK)

SmartPDT®, the innovative solution for the home-based dPDT therapy of Actinic Keratosis, arrives to the NHS Ninewells Hospital of Dundee

Doctors, nurses, technologists and medical physicists at the Ninewells Hospital of Dundee (UK) can use SmartPDT® for the daylight Photodynamic Therapy of Actinic Keratosis.

Indeed, the Tayside Health Board of the National Health Service (NHS) has signed an agreement with siHealth for the use of SmartPDT® at the Ninewells Hospital. Up to 100 patients will benefit from the innovative digital solution for managing the home-based delivery of daylight-PDT for Actinic Keratosis. SmartPDT® will allow the clinical staff to easily treat Actinic Keratosis from remote, using natural sunlight in the comfort of the patients’ homes.

Through their use of mobile technology and satellite data, siHealth is helping to make daylight Photodynamic Therapy convenient and accessible to all. Not only does it assist clinical staff, it is also personalised to the patient- allowing them to undertake therapy from the comfort of their own garden“. This is the comment of Dr Ewan Eadie, Clinical Scientist and Head of Scientific Services for Photobiology and Optical Radiation at NHS Tayside (Ninewells Hospital of Dundee).

Dr Ewan Eadie will introduce SmartPDT® to the world of dermatology on 1st October 2021 during the EADV Congress, the annual meeting of the European Academy of dermatology and venereology.

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