Cutting-edge AI for real-world health applications

Our AI and machine learning applications are designed to address specific, real-world use cases that make the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of patients more efficient, accurate and available to all, now and for the future.

Faster, accurate diagnostics

Doctors and healthcare practitioners are deeply educated in their field and are current with present research. Our AI and machine learning technology embedded within our solutions support diagnoses by using quantitative data based on input feedback and medical databases.

Personalised treatment

Traditional medicine dosing adopts a universal approach for treatment of an entire population of patients with a condition. Through patient feedback, location, and biomarkers, our AI technology is able to determine a more effective treatment plan for an individual.

Creating time-saving administrative duties

Our AI technology automates and improves mundane repetitive tasks related to patient communications, reporting and scheduling. It helps healthcare providers and administrators focus on adding value and complement and improves overall efficiency.

Precise environmental monitoring

From solar radiation to pollution monitoring, our AI and machine learning technology continually automates the environmental inspection analysis process of images obtained by satellite technology, ensuring that the data produced are up to date and relevant.

Continuous learning

There is much more we can do to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning within the healthcare industry. Working with our colleagues at siHealth photonics, we are forever discovering more ways to use AI to revolutionise the medical industry.

Our solutions
Whether your goal is to provide improved diagnostics, treat patients faster or find new ones, we have a suite of solutions to help you.
Our partners
We create and build better solutions when we work with others. We partner with industry leaders to transform the healthcare and wellbeing industries.

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