Sun4Health is a certified class 1 CE medical device.

Less skin erythema and improved vitamin D levels for Sun4Health® users

Sun4Health is a medical device smartphone app designed to enable a safe sun exposure, minimising the risks and maximising the benefits for the health.

It is especially suited for photosensitive skin, out-door workers, vitamin D deficiency at–risk people and Actinic Keratosis (AK) patients.

The app allows to plan outdoor activities and personalize photoprotection measures according to your skin features, tracking the solar radiation dose for preventing erythema (sunburn) and long-term photoinduced skin diseases.

The benefits of the App have been demonstrated in a clinical field study conducted in collaboration with King’s College London and MedCin Clinical Research Center involving more than 150 healthy volunteers in total demonstrated the benefits of using the Sun4Health® apps in real-world conditions1,2.

The results show that the Sun4Health® app is safe and induce to modify sun exposure behavior to reduce the level of skin erythema (28% less than control, 33% for eyewear 3D version), yet increasing the level of vitamin D synthesis (4 times higher than control, 14 times for eyewear 3D version).

According to more than 75% of the volunteers, the everyday use of the Sun4Health app positively modifies behaviour for a healthier lifestyle for sun protection and vitamin D intake.

1 A. R. Young, S. Schalka et al., “Innovative digital solution supporting sun protection and vitamin D synthesis by using satellite-based monitoring of solar
radiation”, Photochem Photobiol Sci, 2021 (paper submitted)
2 The clinical trial has been listed on the international ISRCTN clinical trials registry with ID ISRCTN30217197

How it works


Monitor your sun exposure time left for getting enough vitamin D with minimal sun damage risks (e.g. sunburn, AK development), updating your activity, scenario, clothes and sunscreen applied during the day


Plan your outdoor activities and body part-specific sun protection (e.g. SPF, sunscreen quantity) by simulating their impacts and getting personalised recommendations


Assess your phototype and skin sensitivity to sunlight. If you are an AK at-risk patient, insert your personal sun damage risk factors (e.g. immunodeficiency)


Review your sun exposure habits and get actionable insights, including the cumulative sun damage level minimised thanks to the app recommendations (e.g. optimal use of sunscreen, outdoor activity re-planning)

Additional Modules

To personalise and optimise your outdoor exposure benefits and minimise risks, you can purchase the following add-on app modules.

  • Vitamin D add-on
    To safely track and obtain a vitamin D level from sunbathing and form nutritional supplements when needed
  • Pollution add-on
    To safely plan the best exposure time slot and urban path to minimise the impact of the atmospheric pollution on your skin and your health and monitoring it during your outdoor activities
  • Actinic Keratosis add-on
    To support the prevention of new AK lesions for AK at-risk persons and AK chronic patients
  • 3D (Smart Glasses compatible)
    To obtain body site specific recommendations and alerts for minimising skin

Patients meet doctors

Sun4Health Connect

  • Find your dermatologist
    A patient can find and liaise with any dermatologist in the Sun4Health network through the in-app Connect function.
  • Sun4Health dermatologists network
    Dermatologists can register for free to the Sun4Health Connect web-portal for providing clinical advice digitally to patients wishing to contact them.
  • Sun4Health Connect analytics
    Dermatologists can access analytics about their connected patients, possibly suggesting personalised lifestyle corrective actions and prescribing pharmaceutical products.

Sponsoring recommended pharmaceutical products

Sun protection sunscreens

Sponsored sunscreens products are recommended by the App according to the key features matching the user skin properties that are summarized.

Vitamin D supplements

The App supports the user in finding the sponsored nutritional supplements for getting an optimal vitamin D intake when diet and sunlight are not enough. Key features of the supplements are described.

AK prevention sunscreens

By the AK-plug in the App supports the optimized application of AK-specific sunscreens for AK at-risk body sites that can be sponsored in the App. Key features of the AK sunscreen are described.

Sponsored products PoS

Each sponsored products can be an easily purchased finding the nearest pharma points of sale and to and the link to the relative on-line store.

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