Introducing Sun4Health - Vitamin D

With Sun4Health – Vitamin D, help your customers balance their sun exposure and vitamin D, avoid sunburns, find the current solar index, and give personal sun safety tips and when to need take vitamin D supplements. Sun4Health – Vitamin D lets your customers know when it is time to seek sun protection, and helps you prevent skin aging and skin cancer.

Sun4Health-Vitamin D

How Sun4Health - Vitamin D works

In three short steps, your customers will be able to monitor their vitamin D and sun exposure levels throughout the day with ease.

1. Take a short quiz
After answering a range of questions, your customers will receive recommendations to how much vitamin D and sun exposure they should be getting from the start. For even more accurate readings, customers can add their blood results provided by their healthcare team.
2. Start enjoying the sunshine
Help your customers build healthy habits in the sun, knowing that we are monitoring and measuring their UV exposure and vitamin D intake. By selecting the type of clothing and sunscreen SPF, Sun4Health gives alerts to when the best time is to go outside to when it is time to go back indoors, anywhere in the world.
3. Manage intake
If customers are not hitting their daily vitamin D goals, they can easily browse your vitamin supplement range within the app. Giving them the confidence and trust that the vitamins they are purchasing are what their body needs.

Explore the main features

Sun4Health-Vitamin-D choose your clothing

Bespoke to the individual

By answering a series of questions, Sun4Health - Vitamin D calculates the vitamin D intake and sun exposure needed for the user, depending on their skin type, the type of clothing they are wearing, if they apply sunscreen and what SPF factor it is.

Sun4Health-Vitamin D home

Manage intake

No matter where they are in the World, inside or outside, the app keeps track of your customer’s sun exposure, its intensity and how much vitamin D is being produced throughout the day.

Sun4Health-Vitamin D alerts and notifications

Stay safe in the sun

Sun4Health - Vitamin D automatically gives alerts to when users are reaching their maximum sun exposure time according to their skin type, letting them know when to seek sun protection.

Sun4Health-Vitamin-D choose your clothing
Sun4Health-Vitamin D home
Sun4Health-Vitamin D alerts and notifications
Sun4Health-Vitamin D Give Advice
Sun4Health-Vitamin D 360 degree view
Sun4Health-Vitamin D blood test
Sun4Health-Vitamin D Give Advice

Give advice

Give personalised tips and recommend evidence-based vitamin supplements from your product range to help create a healthy relationship with the sun from day one.

Sun4Health-Vitamin D 360 degree view

360-degree view

From up above to reflecting off the ground, the way the sun’s rays hit our bodies differs. Sun4Health – Vitamin D considers the geographical elements around the user, calculating how much sun exposure is being received.

Sun4Health-Vitamin D blood test

Biomarker tracing

Users can add their vitamin D blood biomarkers to set an accurate baseline of their current vitamin D levels and further predict their future state of health.


Provide better customer support

Introduce a new channel of communication to your customers and increase brand sentiment.

Create unique value

Delight your customers by creating an immersive and convenient experience to monitor their sun exposure and vitamin D levels.

Increase brand awareness

Boost visibility of your brand and expand your reach on a global scale by having another outlet by being easily found in the App Store or Google Play.

Enhanced data sources

Sun4Health – Vitamin D uses HappySun technology that blends land-based measurements with satellite imagery to map the impact of solar radiation with incredible accuracy.

"Because the sun's rays hit us at different orientations, most people don't know what the best photo protection is for themselves; they are confused and not prepared for that kind of exposure. The app makes it easy for the regular user to understand the benefits and the risks of sun exposure, on any particular day."

Professor Sergio Schalka
Clinical Director, Medcin Institudo da Pele & Professor at the University of Sao Paulo

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Sun4Health - Vitamin D


What information does the app provide?
The app provides user-friendly, customised data about the wearers personal UV exposure, using the user’s location, what type of clothes they are wearing and if they are wearing any sunscreen. The user can also put in personal information such as their blood vitamin-level. The app provides advice on when the best times are to go outside to get their daily vitamin D dosage as well as recommends vitamin supplements.
Embedded with our HappySun® technology, several data points in the Sun4Health - Vitamin D app is created using the user’s exact location. Many weather apps cover a large area around where the user is located and may therefore provide data that is less customised and accurate.
Sun4Health - Vitamin D is connected to a network of satellites worldwide that monitor the sun’s UV rays as they hit the Earth’s atmosphere. When combined with the GPS location of the user’s phone and siHealth’s mathematical analytics program that calculates the UV diffusion rate throughout the different atmospheric levels, the app monitors the UV exposure to the exact position of the user, with up to 90% accuracy.