A healthy dose of sun

HappySun® technology is an innovative sensor-less personal solar radiation dosimeter based on satellite technology that continually measures the impacts of sunlight on your health and wellbeing in real-time wherever you are. It can be integrated into a range of systems and is embedded within most of our digital healthcare solutions.
1 nm spectral resolution in the whole solar spectrum
1-12 Km spatial resolution anywhere in the world
1 min temporal resolution, constantly updated with frequency 5-15 min

Real-time personal dosimeter

HappySun® is a satellite-based dosimeter which monitors in real-time the solar radiation dose received by an individual in different spectral bands simultaneously (e.g. UV, visible, infrared). It does this by synergically exploiting the optical imagery provided by multiple Earth Observation satellites (like Meteosat Second Generation) for monitoring the atmosphere composition globally and then applying atmospheric radiative transfer modelling.

More than a UV Index

HappySun® monitors the solar radiation in any spectral band with the highest possible resolution, from UV to infrared. Therefore, the spectral filter (e.g. photoprotection) or action (e.g. phototherapy) provided by any product applied to the skin can easily be accounted for. It is much more than just “UV Index”, HappySun assesses the impact of the solar radiation incident and passing through topical creams in any wavelength, for example through sunscreen.

360-degree view

Our sun’s rays do not just reach us from up-above; they are also reflected onto our bodies from our surroundings. HappySun® technology considers the surface albedo of a person’s location and the radiation diffused from the sky to accurately monitor the solar radiation a person acquires from all directions.

Healthcare data

HappySun® technology makes high-value health data more accessible to healthcare providers, researchers, and patients. It calculates the effect on the body of each wavelength arriving on the skin simultaneously, giving us the possibility to accurately calculate the health effect by following any possible action spectrum.

All the data retrieved within our digital solutions is GDPR-compliant and can be used for business intelligence, epidemiological studies, and clinical trials.

Satellite versus ground-based measurements

Our atmosphere is the traffic cop of sunlight energy. Made up of different gases and cloud coverage, our sky can let sunlight energy pass through, bounce it back to space or trap that energy close to Earth when it is reflected off the surface.

Using satellites to provide constant global coverage of the different layers of our atmosphere and cloud coverage, coupled with our proprietary algorithms, HappySun® technology delivers accurate readings of up to 90% when compared to ground-based measurements. Surpassing any other readings available without a calibrated spectroradiometer, like weather forecasts or wearable sensors.

Scientifically validated

The accuracy of the HappySun® technology has been validated by scientific studies involving solar radiometric measurements in all weather conditions. These studies have been conducted in collaboration with national and international organisations, including Public Health England (PHE), the National Health Service (NHS) and the European Space Agency (ESA).

The maximum safe sun exposure time for avoiding sunburn provided by HappySun® has been also validated by outdoor phototests observing the erythema effects on volunteers 24 hours after controlled sun exposure, with and without a sunscreen applied (see the “Scientific Publications” section).

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Our vision has always been to deliver the best solutions to achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle in the sun. Embedded into our digital solutions, HappySun Technology is helping to make this vision a reality.
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Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. We work with scientific and industry leaders to create digital health and wellness solutions that accelerate the delivery of life-changing therapies.

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