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SmartPDT is a certified class 1 CE medical device and it’s fully GDPR compliant.

Personalized PDT for excellent patient-care

SmartPDT is a class 1 medical device digital solution to manage patients affected by chronic diseases and treated with any kind of PDT.

  • Providing the maximum therapy efficacy
  • Minimizing adverse effects
  • Tracking the patient along his life
  • Saving healthcare staff time
  • Assuring the best patient satisfaction and awareness

Enabling professional Natural DL-PDT treatments

SmartPDT is the unique digital solution setting free all the advantages of the NDL-PDT in a professional and easy way:

  • Management of the whole NDL-PDT process: treatment session planning – sun light dose monitoring – follow-up
  • Highest patient satisfaction & quality of life: optimal time slot selection – safe and comfort patient outdoor natural sunlight exposure
  • Safe personalized UV sun protection, with and without sunscreens options
  • Accurate NDL-PDT effective solar radiation dose administration
  • Enabling multiple patients treatment
  • Enabling at-home remote supervised NDL-PDT treatment

Managing PDT lamps treatments

With SmartPDT dermatologists can trace the different cycles of PDT treatments administered by PDT lamps and they can also effectively combine NDL-PDT with c-PDT lamp:

  • Supporting PDT lamps set-up definition according to the skin disease and the treatment protocol to be applied
  • Tracing the administered doses to the skin lesions body location
  • Schedule and manage the combination of natural daylight dose with conventional PDT dose for accurate dose administration
  • Reporting of the administered treatment

Managing all the phases of a chronic disease treatment process

Adding value to the PDT treatments

SmartPDT is a class 1 medical device digital solution to manage patients affected by chronic diseases and treated with any kind of PDT.

  • Natural DL-PDT/Artificial DL-PDT/Conventional-PDT/Combination-PDT
  • Predefined protocols and off-label customization of protocols management for different diseases (e.g. AK, Acne, Bowen’s, BCC)
  • Therapy adherence tracking and assessment
  • Certification report delivered to the patient about the therapy administered, including diagnostics, recommendations and next steps
  • Follow-up management by patient’s smartphone and clinical professional images processing
SmartPDT is really helpful for having an unprecedented control on daylight therapy sessions: it allows our clinical team to easily monitor in real-time the effective solar radiation doses received by each patient individually with very high accuracy, ensuring the effectiveness of the treatment and the safety of the patient.
The daylight PDT has many features to be the best choice in many cases: it does not have to be repeated every day by the patient, the inflammation and pain are minimal and the effectiveness is high.
After treating patients with daylightPDT for the last 6 years and optimizing our protocol each spring using SmartPDT finally allows me to control the complete process. Patients report more satisfaction and less side effects and feel more involved with their therapy by using the app.

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