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We strive to prevent disease and improve overall wellbeing by addressing how the environment impacts human health. We do this by working with those at the forefront of the Health and Wellbeing industry to create our trailblazing solutions, which is why an initial consultation is key to offering solutions tailored to your and your customers’ needs.

siHealth solutions bring value and purpose to your customers

  • Environmental scientists have always relied on open data from public monitoring stations. Our solutions go far beyond this single source. We blend land-based measurements with satellite imagery to monitor the environment with incredible accuracy.
  • Help others to proactively take steps before health issues become worse by providing relevant and easily understandable data that can be used for both progress reports and preventative measures.
  • Actively engage others to make behaviourial and lifestyle changes by showing them in real-time the impacts their actions and environment have on their health.

Featured Solutions

Sun4Health – Vitamin D

Sun4Health – Vitamin D is an effective mobile app and wearable solution for nutraceuticals, pharmacists and nutritionists wanting to improve their customers understanding of how vitamin D is produced and the supplements they need to flourish.

Improve Vitamin D intake
Sun4Health – vitamin D keeps track of vitamin D intake from the sun using our innovative HappySun technology. If your customers are not hitting their daily vitamin D goals, they can easily browse your vitamin supplement range within the app.
Prevent sun damage
With automatic alerts and notifications to when they are nearing their recommended daily sunlight exposure, your customers can mitigate health risks associated with it.
Create healthy habits
By empowering your customers to monitor and understand their vitamin D intake, and regularly alerting them to their vitamin D levels, you can help your customers make the necessary changes to build and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

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