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We are at the forefront of and specialise in understanding how the environment positively impacts our health and wellbeing, creating healthcare technology solutions that are impactful and relevant. Yet, we could not do this without our partners, collaborators, and supporters.

It is thanks to our partnerships that we are already doing vital work to improve the lives of others around the world.

Partners, collaborators, and supporters


Collaborating with siHealth on this project has been great. Each member has their own particular expertise, working diligently and with enthusiasm towards our common goal.
At Innovate UK, we know what is required to meet the challenges of the healthcare industry – high levels of innovation within and between organisations. We chose to support siHealth as we recognise that what they are doing within the Photodynamic Therapy area is helping to meet the changing needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike. Such as making it more accessible, allowing for home sessions, and enhancing treatment therapy adherence.
The team at SiHealth have been wonderful collaborators as a result of their enthusiasm, motivation and expertise and working together on the project in hand has been a most enjoyable and rewarding experience

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