Welcome to siHealth

At siHealth, we understand that all businesses are different. We also know that no one person’s health or relationship with the environment is the same. That is why we work with industry leaders and healthcare professionals to create bespoke solutions that enables all to get the best health benefits through a controlled relationship with nature.

Striking the right balance

Together, we can help you transform the way you deliver care by creating the right balance between overexposure to the elements and getting the most out of what is on offer, using the latest digital innovations.


Our healthcare technological innovations and applications use the next generation of global navigation satellite systems – the same used by NASA and the European Space Agency.

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We develop innovative solutions that bring a more personalised care experience, from prevention and diagnosis to therapy decision and treatment.

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Stay connected across the entire health journey and enhance treatment adherence with remote home monitoring and automated notifications.

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Empower patients by giving them more control over their health and wellbeing needs and transform the relationship into one focussed on co-creation.

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Quality Data

Reveal trends, identify behavioural changes, and improve the health and wellbeing of your patients using relevant and actionable data captured in real-time across their treatment plan.

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Collaborating with siHealth on this project has been great. Each member has their own particular expertise, working diligently and with enthusiasm towards our common goal.
Through their use of mobile technology and satellite data, siHealth is helping to make daylight Photodynamic Therapy convenient and accessible to all. Not only does it assist clinical staff, it is also personalised to the patient - allowing them to undertake therapy from the comfort of their own garden.”
The team at siHealth have been wonderful collaborators as a result of their enthusiasm, motivation and expertise and working together on the project in hand has been a most enjoyable and rewarding experience

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