What are the benefits of DL-PDT for the dermatologist?

New technologies in PDT help doctors optimise their time and provide good, reliable and safe treatment to patients.

The effectiveness of Photodynamic therapy PDT as a treatment for skin, eye and some types of cancer has been well documented. Non-invasive and eliminating the need for surgery in many cases, it’s a therapy system embraced by patients who feel it’s a more synergistic way of treating their condition. The advent of daylight-PDT has even more benefits and has been widely lauded as a significant step forward in dermatological with importance in the treat for field cancerization cases featuring multiple AKs.

For dermatologists, DL-PDT has additional benefits, and thanks to the use of digital and smart app technology, it’s now easier to monitor and plan patient treatment.

No need for a phototherapy preparation room

With space in short supply in the health sector, any therapy that can be actively pursued without the need for substantial investment in apparatus or rooms within a clinical environment is to be welcomed. Because daylight PDT uses the ultimate ‘natural resource’ rather than artificial light, practitioners do not need to set up expensive phototherapy preparation rooms.

In a primary care environment, this means that valuable treatment areas can be utilised for other purposes, as well as creating a more relaxed treatment environment for the patient, putting them at their ease and improving the clinical experience.

A single management system

PDT can involve a great deal of ‘admin’ to manage. The advantage of DL-PDT for dermatologists is that the management system of the process, from planning right through to implementation, monitoring and maintenance, is integrated into a single digital solution with a practitioner’s portal that instantly connects the dermatologist to the patient via an app.

This easy-to-manage system not only frees up space and equipment but also the most precious of assets – time. Clinical personnel can monitor more than one patient at a time using the digital management system, which means more patients can be treated simultaneously.

The digital portal access by dermatologists includes detailed calendars that allow them to schedule treatment sessions and extend treatment times depending on the time of the year. During the winter months, when DL-DPT may not be quite as efficient, additional DPT sessions can be factored in to maintain an uninterrupted schedule of treatments, benefiting both the patient and the dermatologist, who can ensure the treatment progresses forward.

Tracing patient behaviour

Because all the data is collated via a mobile portal, it is easier for dermatologists to monitor patient behaviour and determine whether or not they are adhering to their treatment program. SMARTPDT® digital services allow practitioners to work with their patients to make the most of treatment availability and proactive engagement, thanks to accurate forecasting and management of eligible meteorological conditions.  (medical device)

The Smart PDT digital service includes DL-PDT therapy planning and optimisation to ensure patients receive effective and safe treatment throughout their program.

Booking for consultations or in-house PDT treatments can be done remotely and through a system that the patient is both familiar with and feels comfortable using. This optimises treatment planning, encourages better take-up of treatment, and ensures follow-ups are conducted at the correct time. This serves to keep the patient on track and reaping the benefits of an uninterrupted program.

It also ensures that the patient is carrying out their daylight-PDT treatments safely and effectively, producing the best short-term and long-term results.

SmartPDT® – the five-step system

Optimising the process for patients and clinicians means that various dermatological conditions can be assessed, treated and monitored without the usual delays and intrusive and time-costly on-site visits. It enables home carers to work in tandem with clinicians to ensure the patient gets the best possible treatment results and maintains their program according to the instructions of their dermatologist.

For dermatologists and clinicians, it allows them to plan, prepare, pre-treat, monitor treatment and follow up using an information-rich and secure digital portal.

Put simply, SmartPDT® is a five-step system that makes treating and monitoring patients through the use of mobile and digital apps easier and more effective, thus ensuring that their D-PDT treatment is cost-effective and more likely to succeed.