Service Level Agreement (SLA)

for siHealth’s Solutions

Services Availability:

The access to the Solutions delivered by siHealth (i.e. the “Services”) are normally delivered continuously 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and siHealth will use reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that the Services are available for at least 99% of the time specifically between 9:00am – 5:00pm (GMT) on a Business Day during the Customer’s Subscription Term.

Business Days:

siHealth’s Business Days are Monday – Friday, excluding bank holidays in the UK.

Notification of Scheduled Downtime:

siHealth will notify Customers of any period of scheduled downtime of the Services at least (3) days in advance. During any scheduled downtime, unavailability of the Services will be communicated to Customers via email or Customer’s account login screen.

siHealth monitors its servers for outages and material errors and will notify Customers promptly of any such event.

siHealth also provide 24/7 support for critical outages and will aim to resolve outages promptly.

Standard Support to Customers:

A Standard level of technical support is provided by siHealth to any Customer for the use of the Services by means of email. The Standard support consists in technical support provided by email when the siHealth team is contacted at the email address .

The response time by the siHealth team is not guaranteed and the support request email needs to mandatorily include:

  • the ID of the user or end-user;
  • the type of subscription.

Last updated on 15th January 2024