Validation of an Innovative Satellite-Based UV Dosimeter

ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016, Prague (Czech Republic) 2016 | Flyby, siHealth and Public Health England


We present an innovative satellite-based UV (ultraviolet) radiation dosimeter with a mobile app interface that has been validated by exploiting both ground-based measurements and an in-vivo assessment of the erythemal effects on some volunteers having a controlled exposure to solar radiation. Both validations showed that the satellite-based UV dosimeter has a good accuracy and reliability needed for health-related applications.

The app with this satellite-based UV dosimeter also includes other related functionalities such as the provision of safe sun exposure time updated in real-time and end exposure visual/sound alert. This app will be launched on the global market by siHealth Ltd in May 2016 under the name of “HappySun” and available both for Android and for iOS devices (more info on Extensive R&D activities are on-going for further improvement of the satellite-based UV dosimeter’s accuracy.


M. Morelli(*), A. Masini(*), E. Simeone(**), M. Khazova(***) (*) Flyby srl, (**) siHealth Ltd, (***) Public Health England

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