Innovative scientific app suite to enhance retail experience in pharmacies and increasing customer engagement

Household Personal Care Today 2017 | siHealth


An innovative system for supporting the sale of dermo-cosmetic products in pharmacies. A professional app suite dedicated to the pharmacist was developed and validated to offer an innovative and scientific tool for pharmacist consulting and to give to the customer a more complete shopping experience in a pharmacy. The system, called siSkinPharma, is composed of several apps for tablet allowing the pharmacist to learn different specific skills for taking care of all skin types in the most appropriate way. The pharmacist is supported by a scientific app for each customer’s needs, from the selection of the most appropriate solar lotion to the choice of the most suitable treatment to soothe the client’s imperfections (skin spots, acne, irritation, hydration, and ageing). This smart service helps to keep customers by promoting effective actions for increasing customer loyalty. All the acquired data is stored and available through completely customizable business intelligence services that provide real-world data on dermo-cosmetic usersā€™ habits.


E. Simeone(*), (*) siHealth Ltd

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