Innovative mobile Apps for sun protection – Satellite-based solution for healthy sunbathing providing real world evidence on lifestyle

Household and Personal Care 2016 | Flyby, siHealth


A smart solution for personal solar photoprotection has been recently developed and scientifically validated. It’s based on real-time satellite data and on a method for determining skin sensitivity to UV radiation. The system, called HappySun, comprises an App (HappySun-Smart) with the first worldwide sensor-less personal UV dosimeter that is able to alert users when the maximum UV dose for avoiding erythema effects has been reached, considering also the applied sunscreen and the surrounding terrain type. Moreover the system includes also another App (HappySun-Pharma) aimed to support pharmacists in providing sun care products to customers. All the acquired data are stored and available through completely customizable business intelligence services that provide real world data on sunbathing and sun protection users’ habits.


M. Morelli(*), E. Simeone(**), (*) Flyby srl, (**) siHealth Ltd

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