New clinical trial for the Sun4Health app with NHS

How to improve your vitamin D level by having healthy sun exposures | Clinical trial in the UK led by NHS (May - December 2021)

siHealth is very proud to be launching a new clinical trial led by NHS for evaluating the Sun4Health mobile app, the digital support for healthy sun exposure and vitamin D. Indeed, the Sun4Health app is aimed to support users in avoiding vitamin D deficiency thanks to sun exposure, i.e. by efficiently balancing vitamin D synthesis due to sunlight and its risks like sunburn.

It’s based on our satellite-based HappySun Technology, stemming from the support by European Space Agency (ESA) and the collaboration with UK Space Agency and STFC / UKRI (Harwell Campus Clusters) during the last years.

We are currently looking for volunteers from Scotland and Southern England for this clinical trial aimed to evaluate the Sun4Health app in “real-world” conditions. The trial will start in May 2021 and it will last till December 2021.

Why volunteer? The direct benefits are both a compensation and the monitoring of your vitamin D blood level for 8 months by NHS (for free), beside contributing to a disruptive digital innovation for healthcare together with us.