HappySun showcases at the 2nd Anti-Ageing Sun Protection Summit in Prague

CEO Emilio Simeone’s discusses “The role of Digital System Solar Photoprotection” and how digital solution HappySun is paving the way.
HappySun showcase during 2nd Anti-Aging Sun Protection Summit in Prague

The demographic trends and the growing interest for better appearance and prevention are driving the development of the anti-ageing and sun-care market. Its global value is expected to reach 216,5 USD billion in 2021 (it was about 140 billion in 2015). Sun protection alone is forecasted 11.1 billion by 2020.

During the Anti-Aging Sun Protection Summit, held in Prague – 14 and 15 May 2018, the new trends and scientific innovations on skincare and sun protection were discussed by several panels of dermatologists, cosmetologists, anti-ageing experts.

Most of the new formulation has moved beyond basic UV protection and offer added benefits i.e. counterbalance the effects of pollution and slow skin-ageing.

Innovation is not restricted to formulations and substances. New technologies can improve skincare and sun protection as well. Wearables and digital health tools are core drivers of the evolution in healthcare and Emilio Simeone’s talk on “The role of Digital System Solar Photoprotection” earned a very good interest.

Our team was involved in several discussions and knowledge sharing with R&D attendants and the overall approach of the HappySun solution was greatly appreciated for its technical robustness and holistic mode as well.

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