happysun-smartThe World’s first sensor-less personal UV dosimeter

HappySun is a satellite enabling technology to measure the sun’s
effects on your body and recommends how to get the best of its rays. All in one application. Its’ the first system for controlling of the exposures to solar UV rays based only on real time satellite monitoring (and not on weather predictions).

The advantage is that users don’t need to buy a wearable UV sensor to be always oriented towards the Sun and to be keeped in the right direction during the whole sun exposure: the smartphone continuously measures the amount of solar UV radiation even while in your pocket!

Free App download both for iOS and Android. screen322x572 HappySun provides real-time personalized recommendations taking into account both the personal phototype and the applied sunscreen. The App allows an aware and safe solar exposure, providing in real-time the recommended remaining time for the solar exposure according to the UV rays level, to the ground surface and the sunscreen applied.

The system is simple, reliable and it’s the only one that allows you to monitor continuously the UV radiation on your skin . By processing data from several satellites, the system currently covers Europe, Africa and Brazil.


The technology, which was developed in Italy by Flyby thanks to several research programs co – funded by the Italian Space Agency (ASI ) and the European Space Agency ( ESA ), makes the smartphone a UV dosimeter customized to all type of skin. HappySun provides an alarm at the time that you have reached the maximum recommended daily dose UV too: If you fall asleep in the sun you are awakened by a special ringtone preventing sunburn.

In real time, HappySun processes optical images and data from satellites of European Space Agency ( ESA ) and NASA, to monitor the weather conditions and the amount
of ozone in the atmosphere.These data are obtained thanks to the collaboration with the Italian Air Force Meteorological Service and with EUMETSAT.

HappySun has been clinically tested during several European research projects, in collaboration with:

·Italian Association Against Melanoma (ACM)

·Italian Ministry of Health – ISPESL

·Biophysics Institute of the National Research Council – CNR

·Environmental Protection Agency of Tuscany – ARPAT
·Environmental Protection Agency of Sicily – ARPA Sicily

·Environmental Protection Agency of Valle d’Aosta – ARPA VdA

·Antonella Romanini – Medical Director of first level in Medical Oncology Santa Chiara – helped with the Association Against Melanoma (ACM) to the validation of the system with volunteers to prevention damage from UV radiation.

Download HappySun Short-book