Sun protection and vitamin D

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To optimize prevention and skin health you need sun protection as much as you need vitamin D. You can have both and avoid either vitamin D deficiency and skin damage. There is no scientific evidence that using an appropriate sun protection there is a risk of nutritional problems.
Vitamin D is crucial for your health and recent observational studies suggest that, on top of its essential effects on bones growth and osteoporosis prevention, it might decrease heart diseases, boost the immune system, inhibit type 1 diabetes and prevent rheumatoid arthritis. Nonetheless, there is no need of unprotected sun exposure to get these benefits.
No SPF screen filter all the UV rays, therefore even using an SPF 30 or more and applying it perfectly and constantly, 2-3% of UV radiation will reach your skin. This minimal exposure produces all the vitamin D the body can accumulate. After that the body automatically starts to dispose of vitamin D to avoid an overload.

It doesn’t take much sun exposure for the body to produce the ideal vitamin D amount and you can perfectly meet the desired level using a sunscreen that protects your skin from photo-aging and the risky mutations caused by UVs.
In case your check-up report shows a deficiency despite appropriate and protected outdoor habits, there are several dietary choices and supplements that can balance it with no additional risks for your skin health.

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