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siHealth’s optical image processing diagnostics tool is a non-invasive solution designed to detect early changes to our skin. With the help of a smartphone camera and our patented computer algorithm, it uses visible light and the unique properties of photons to create detailed infrared images of the different skin layers.
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See high-risk patients faster

Age, hormones, weather, stress, and any other changes to our environment inside or outside of our body reflects onto our skin. Early discovery of these skin changes means patients can get treatment swiftly and reduce the risk of long-term damage and disfigurement.

Our optical image processing tool integrates into any mobile device and app, allowing for fast, contactless, and safe detection of skin variations.

See high-risk patients faster
Diagnose skin ailments right then and there


Diagnose skin ailments right then and there

Using our optical image processing diagnostics tool, you can analyse and diagnose a range of skin disorders and their causes, including:

  • UV related skin damage
  • Sensitive skin index diagnostics
  • Basal skin colour & pigmentation dyschromia
  • Skin hydration level
  • Acne
  • Skin aging level


Empower patients to take control of their skin health

Patients make the best decisions for their skin when armed with the right information. Our optical image processing technology and algorithm can be used to give patients the correct information, at the right time, delivered using their mobile device. It supports homogeneous applications of topical creams, including sun protection, by allowing patients to view the effectiveness of the lotion as well as its overall coverage.

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Our vision has always been to deliver the best solutions to achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle in the sun. Our Optical Image Processing Diagnostics technology is helping to make this vision a reality.
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The best science doesn’t happen in isolation. We partner with others around the world, combining great science and know-how to create mobile health solutions that accelerate the delivery of life-changing therapies.

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