Automatically detect and analyse skin lesions

SmartAK helps patients monitor their Actinic Keratosis (AK) lesions and treatment progression. They can share high quality images and quantitative skin assessments with their healthcare professional to check and compare lesion progression and treatment success.

How SmartAK helps healthcare professionals

  • Patients can send high quality images of their AK with an AI-driven quantitative assessment to their healthcare professionals before, during and after treatment.
  • Healthcare professionals can make informed diagnosis with automatic rapid feedback of the lesion area distribution and coverage, and local skin reactions (LSR).
  • Easy monitoring and tracking of changes to skin lesions over serval months as patients undergo multiple treatment sessions.
  • SmartAK quantifies the lesions texture and thickness and analyses them for their severity and local skin reactions.
  • SmartAK can be seamlessly integrated into other systems, including SmartPDT.

How SmartAK Works

Step 1

Patients take photos of Actinic Keratosis lesions

Patients take high quality images of their AK lesions using their smartphone or tablet. The images are instantly risk assessed with our artificial intelligence and classical processing techniques and algorithms.

Step 2

Patients share lesion progress and local skin reaction feedback

Patients can share their AK lesions images, LSR directly with their healthcare team through the app.

Step 3

Healthcare professional assessment

The healthcare professional views the images and assessment and decides whether to follow up with the patient directly, alter treatment plans or continue treatment as is.

Step 4

Ongoing monitoring

SmartAK can be used throughout the treatment process for ongoing monitoring of the lesion progression and local skin reactions, coupled with direct patient feedback.

Start automatically detecting and analysing skin lesions with SmartAK