SiSkinPharma is the innovative system to sell the skin cosmetic in pharmacies

Tablet becomes a diagnostic tool easy to use and smart


The innovative system to sell the skin-cosmetics in pharmacies siSkinPharma is the ICT integrated system dedicated to pharmacists looking for a different dermocosmetic approach, developing specific dermocosmetic services and ensuring both a greater professionalism and a better customer care.

The system provides to pharmacists the exact physiological characterization of the skin, allowing to acquire specific and useful data in order to obtain a more accurate assessment of customer skin, respecting the diversity and comprehending thoroughly the needs. All this with a fast, practical and safe approach.


ADD PROFESSIONALISMsiskinpharma-screen01

The system is composed by several Apps allowing the pharmacist to learn different specific skills for taking care of all skin types in the most appropriate way. Moreover it provides to customers new skin cosmetics services with high-level professionalism.  


siSkinPharma is provided to pharmacists on a tablet, where all the Apps of interest have been installed, each one having a specific suite of services.

The daily work of the “skin-cosmetics pharmacist”, thanks to this dedicated system, becomes definitely more simple, fast and safe: training is “on the job”, without the need to move away from usual activities, but otherwise raising competences by exploiting the digital tutor and the system updates.


With SiSkinPharma the customer lives a new “shopping experience”, which relies on the pharmacist consultancy. The pharmacist takes care of the customer in just one click, providing an innovative support in choosing the product that best suits the personal dermatological characteristics. 


SiSkinPharma services don’t stop at the simple request of the moment, but they can provide a support during the whole duration of the skin-cosmetic treatment. SiSkinPharma allows the pharmacist to provide advices step by step, promoting in this way an effective action for customer loyalty.








siskinpharma-screen02The SensyPharma service is provided to pharmacies equipped with the SiSkinPharma system. Using an optical filter applied to the tablet, SensyPharma allows the pharmacist to make two assessments:


  • determining the degree of irritation of one area of skin affected by a local erythema;
  • monitoring in several sessions the calming effect of skin treatments with cosmetics.



This is possible thanks to the innovative image processing functions included in the App SensyPharma,able to accurately calculate the Differential Erythemal Index (DEI) for each point in the photo of the skin area of interest.


Inserted data and elaborated images are stored in a database easily accessible for further multi-temporal analyses also several days after the application of the skin cosmetic product in the skin area of interest, allowing an evaluation of the treatment effectiveness.




happysun-pharma-screen01The HappySunPharma service allows pharmacist to provide an in-pharmacy support to customers on solar photoprotection. The service can calculate the phototype of the customer through an anamnestic questionnaire following the Fitzpatrick standard in order to estimate his specific skin sensibility to UV radiation. In this way it’s possible to advise the customer with the photoprotection product more adequate to his skin.


happysun-pharma-screen02The HappySunPharma app optimized for tablets, allows the pharmacist to diagnostics the customer phototype and his skin UV sensitivity, to evaluate the intensity of local solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation for any location of the Earth and the personal sunburn time, in order to suggest to the customer the most suitable sunscreen SPF (Sun Protection Factor) for his skin and for his planned journey location.


All these data, of course, won’t be deleted after the first meeting, but they will be useful in order to create an always active customer profile enabling the pharmacist to “remember” times to times the skin features of each customer and the products choosen. Moreover the same system allows the customer to access to his personalized information on the smartphone in every location (with another dedicated App called HappySun).