About us

siHealth Ltd is a UK start-up company focused on smart solutions in Health & Wellness, exploiting satellite data for providing innovative services on smartphone and tablets supporting healthy life style and diseases prevention.



like Sensing: the company know-how in satellite imagery processing and in radiometric systems provides a unique capacity to obtain geo-referenced environmental parameters and to couple them with clinical parameters retrieved by innovative remote sensing diagnostics methodologies.


like Intelligence: the competence to extract increasingly deep insight knowledge from data, enables more effective decision support to healthcare operators as well as to pharmacological companies.




High performance ICT solutions opening new perspectives to doctors and pharmacists on the professional diagnostics in the Decision Support Systems sector for healthcare.

A unique know-how derived from Flyby’s expertise in the aerospace sector that has been grown up in multidisciplinary environment with professionals specialized in different scientific fields, such as Physics, Photobiology, Optics, Computer Science and Information Engineering.

Products that have been tested by communities of doctors and pharmacists with the coordination of scientific institutions dedicated to Physics, Environment and Health prevention.


siHealth: yes, healthy it’s easy now !